TextFrom AI novice to Bing Image Creator pro in a day - Are you up for the challenge?Bing Image Creator is your personal design assistant powered by the advanced Open AI’s DALL·E 3 model, perfect for quick social media posts, presentation visuals, or even exploring your creative whims, all without leaving your browser.”Pros: • Text to Design: Describe what you want, and it appears. No design skills are needed. • Zero Cost: Ideal for small businesses and individual creators on a budget. • In-Browser Convenience: No downloads, no hassle. Create while you browse. • Mobile Accessibility: Now available on mobile devices, making it even more convenient for on-the-go creativity. Cons: • Solo Play: Currently lacks team collaboration features, so it’s a one-person show. - Even though it’s Bing, there is no direct internet access“Unlock Bing’s full potential with this formula: Create a [Adjective] [Noun] [Verb Phrase]in a/an[locations] in [Artistic Style] style.A glimpse into the formula in action: Create a surreal floating island with gravity-defying waterfalls in an alien jungle on Mars in a steampunk style.Need a nudge? The ‘Surprise Me’ button gives you creative prompts, not images. Perfect for brainstorming!Prompt example: Design a sleek, aerodynamic, futuristic automobile with an integrated, ultra-efficient, solar-hybrid power system, boasting a rapid acceleration feature that propels the car from 0 to 60 mph in a breathtaking 2 seconds, showcased on a modern, bustling highway amidst other traditional vehicles, illustrating the stark contrast in a vibrant, futuristic stylePrompt example: Create a modern, elegant image of a revolutionary, smart home gardening system that allows urban dwellers to grow a variety of fresh herbs and vegetables effortlessly in a compact, stylish unit with a built-in, automated watering and nutrient delivery system, showcased in a chic, modern apartment setting in a photorealistic style.Prompt example: Create a mystical, ancient forest where legendary, graceful creatures like unicorns and phoenixes co-exist harmoniously, surrounded by towering, ancient trees with leaves that change colors with the music of the wind, captured in a delicate, ethereal watercolor stylePrompt example: Design a quaint, realistic scene set in a cozy, rustic cafe, where a middle-aged woman and her cat, both donning matching elegant scarves, are engaged in an animated book discussion over steaming cups of coffee. The cat, sitting upright with a book propped open, gestures with a paw as the woman nods thoughtfully, capturing a whimsical yet intimate camaraderie in a realistic style.Limitations: -Character Limit for Prompts: 480 characters -Limited gallery: Shows only 24 images at a timeWhat can’t be generated at Bing: :x: Images of famous personalities  :x: Images depicting sensitive themes (violence, sexual content, hateful imagery):x: Pictures of things owned or created by someone else (cartoon characters or company logos)New users are granted 25 boosted generations for Image Creator. You can earn them through Microsoft rewards.Enhanced Control: Users can Save, Download, Share their creations and delve into deep customization with Microsoft Designer.Unlock the Full Potential of Your AI-generated images with Microsoft Designer’s Customization Features.Elevate AI-generated images with Microsoft Designer’s advanced customization, color filters, text overlays, and blending options for unique compositions.Elevate AI-generated images with Microsoft Designer’s advanced customization, color filters, text overlays, and blending options for unique compositions.Blend and Merge Images to Create Unique CompositionsCTS end slate

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